Soldier Stories

COL Kathy Platoni Elected to the Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame - 10/11/2019

HOOAH and patrol caps off to COL Kathy Platoni, elected to the Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame. This amazing officer has been a tremendous resource and inspiration to many. Her advocacy of Soldiers and families is renowned. I am proud to serve with her as an officer with 4CSSB, Ohio Military Reserve.

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OHMR Recruiting - Home Depot Safety Awareness Day in Brunswick, Ohio - 10/8/2019

Home Depot Safety Awareness Day brought out a crowd of visitors this past weekend. Special thanks to LT Sutliff who organized OHMR’s recruitment booth and the many other soldiers that took time away from family to volunteer. Great job!!! Thank you!!

37th Division Veterans Association reunion at Camp Perry - 9/4/2019

Lt. Col. Nowak attended the 37th Division Veterans Association reunion at Camp Perry on 23AUG19 and saw Brigadier General (Ret.) Jack Lee there. Back in the days of OHMR's transition from MPs to our current mission, in his role with the Ohio National Guard he was instrumental in the reorganization and retraining of OHMR. During AT11 in exactly the same room at Camp Perry, after our field exercise he announced OHMR had earned a "T" for "Trained" on the POD mission. This was our first ever POD validation and the first major step toward where we are today.
Now, eight years later, Lt.Col Nowak simply handed him the press release from the Ohio National Guard announcing our deployment.As he read it, he broke into the biggest grin and extended heartfelt congratulations on our activation!Clearly he is extremely pleased to see our transition become a deployment.It's all certainly a tribute to our troops' 8 years of hard work!
Thank you General Lee for the important role you played eight years ago.